How To Safely Attend Summer Concerts After Being Vaccinated

Now that you have been fully vaccinated against COVID-19, you may be asking yourself when it will be safe to attend a concert again? We here at Roaming The Arts would like to help you answer that question. More specifically, summer concerts are right around the corner, and we would like to give you the information you need to attend safely. Whether you will see a group of indie music artists or watch a solo performance, safety precautions should still be taken. Although the number of Americans in the US vaccinated against COVID-19 is increasing daily, the risk of contracting the virus is still high in large indoor gatherings and crowds. Here is what you need to know to attend safely.  


How To Prepare For Summer Concerts


You should take a few steps before purchasing your tickets to ensure that the venue is following along with CDC guidelines for safe gatherings. Contact the venue via phone or online to check for the following things: 

  • Is the event located indoors or outdoors? (Indie music artists are known for large outdoor festivals)
  • If the event is indoors, is their ventilation system up to code?
  • Are they following social distancing guidelines?
  • Are face masks required at all times?
  • Is there access to sanitation stations and washing stations?


Getting answers to these questions will help ease your mind and ensure that the event is up to safety standards. If you have any issues getting straight answers from the venue, it may be safe to assume that the proper precautions have not been taken, and maybe you should skip that event.   


Taking A Road Trip To That Concert?


If your concert plans include a road trip, there are a few things you should keep in mind. Although you have been vaccinated, you will inevitably be surrounded by many who are not, both on your way to the event and while at the event. A mask should be worn during any pit stops along the way, such as bathroom breaks, stopping for food, and fueling up. Also, remember to social distance by at least 6 feet and thoroughly wash your hands or sanitize them immediately after any stops. 


What To Know When You Get There


Planning for your first concert outing since COVID-19 hit the US may seem daunting, but your hard work and preparation will pay off. Give yourself a little wiggle room regarding arrival time because the check-in process may require a temperature check upon entry. It is better to be at the front of a long line as opposed to the back of one! Also, make sure you have your face mask and a couple of extras just in case. Festivals featuring many indie music artists may look different this year, and you may need to plan to bring a supply of food and water for the event due to ongoing restrictions. Finally, do your best to maintain 6 feet of social distancing, although the CDC highly recommends 10 feet. 


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