Roaming the Arts Radio

Roaming the Arts Radio

All Set Playlists open in Spotify and are free to listen to whether you subscribe or not.

Find New Music – taken from Roots Rock Charts

2020 Time Capsule -October

Progressive Radio Sets made over last 45 years.

Each made in the year shown with music released up until then.

This set was compiled over 40 years ago. It certainly featured artists who have stood the test of time.

The set also includes two tracks from the Amazing Rhythm Aces whose vocalist Russell Smith passed away in July 2019. R.I.P

1979 Time Capsule #4

Forty years ago this year (2020) was also an election year. Here is a set made back then.

1980 Time Capsule #9

What is your favorite year?

1981 Time Capsule #1

1982 Time Capsule #2

1983 Time Capsule #1

1984 Time Capsule #6

1985 Time Capsule #5  (Opens with Baseball songs for October) 

more coming…

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