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Neal Francis

Neal Francis Liberated from a self-destructive past and born anew in sobriety, Francis has captured an inspired collection of songs steeped in New Orleans rhythms, Chicago blues, and early 70s...

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Hendricks pekkanen

Greer Hendricks and Sarah Pekkanen

Read: The Golden Couple GREER HENDRICKS  is the coauthor of the New York Times bestseller The Wife Between Us. Prior to becoming a novelist, she spent two decades as an editor at Simon...

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The Cactus Blossoms

The Cactus Blossoms “Hey baby, do you wanna take a trip with me? / I’ve got a feeling there might be a silver lining all around.” So begins One...

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Josef Kelly

Josef Kelly — The Artist Josef “Some artists are blessed to “emerge” when they are young, allowing them the luxury of decades of development and sharing of their gifts. Then...

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Joe Rothstein

Joe Rothstein – Author and Political Strategist “Must read political thriller of 2022” In his words: Can democratic government provide the answers? That’s the question at the core of...

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Roaming the Arts Radio

Roaming the Arts Radio (click the link above to pick a playlist) All Set Playlists open in Spotify and are free to listen to whether you subscribe or not....

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The Record Company

The Record Company The Record Company is an American rock band from Los Angeles. The members are Chris Vos, Alex Stiff, and Marc Cazorla. Their music is influenced by...

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The Observations and Tail of Lucy – Kindle Vella Episodic Fiction

Kindle has a new app called Vella. The idea is to publish stories, one episode at a time. Quick reads for “on the go” readers. Designed for reading on...

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Steve Forbert

Steve Forbert Samuel Stephen “Steve” Forbert is an American pop music singer-songwriter. Bob Harris of BBC Radio 2 said Forbert has “One of the most distinctive voices anywhere.” His...

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Laura Lippman

Location – Maryland Laura Lippman was a reporter for twenty years, including twelve years at The (Baltimore) Sun. She began writing novels while working full-time and published seven books about “accidental PI”...

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Dion (Dimucci) “Dion, like a circling star that never fades, generates the energy and fire we need to pull ourselves up and start again.” (Pete Townsend) Dion may be...

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Dina Greenberg

Dina Greenberg In the Fall of 2021 Dina published her first full novel, Nermina’s Chance. In the realm of discovering new writers, it is often by chance. Enjoying this...

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