Roaming the Arts – Interactive

The Mission of Roaming the Arts is to share information and links to artists who are breaking out, long remembered, or simply worthy of a listen or a read. Most of the posts are for known artists, with a national following in the music and book world, but not considered household names.

For music, there are youtube videos that introduce artists and hopefully engage you to explore more. For readers who are always seeking their next good book or new author, we are adding more all the time. Use the menu buttons to dig deeper and find hundreds of posts to explore.

You are invited and encouraged to interact with this arts browser.


  • Who would you like to see added to the blog posts? There are so many musicians, authors, and artists worthy of sharing. Help us prioritize and offer your favorites. Careful now…not anyone too famous. They don’t need us to push traffic to their sites.
  • Tell us who you’ve discovered and loved. Go to their websites. Find them on tour or when a new book or recording comes out.
  • Share your thoughts, use the comments section at the bottom of the posts, send an email to info@roamingthearts.com, or visit us onĀ  Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter as RoamingtheArts.
  • Follow the music playlists on Roaming the Arts Radio via Spotify.
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