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Harlan Coben

Harlan Coben

An author we’ve followed over past 25 years, now more than somewhat famous. Well deserved. Early work includes the Myron Bolitar series which is great to read in order. Coben’s stand-alones have garnered bestseller attention. Check him out.

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The mission of Roaming the Arts evolves. Drive traffic to web sites, feature those who have new music and books to share and are “trending,” and allow the browser to make connections and discoveries across a variety of genres focused on Indie, Roots, Americana, Blues, and Alternative on the music side and crime, thriller, and off-beat fiction for those who see reading as the great escape.

Web traffic can be exponential. We put up a post with a link to your website. If you put a link back to on your site then traffic will flow and your fan might become a fan other other artists. How does that benefit your web traffic? Other artists who are engaged in the link back program will then be exposing your post to viewing and drive traffic to you. Crossover fans, interested in music (or books) coming to Roaming the Arts from dozens of sites will benefit all with no cost to anyone.

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Visitors: Please comment below on your favorite Film which came from a book or short story. 

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