Andreas Nottebohm

Limited Edition Silkscreens (Serigraphs)

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Andreas Nottebohm

In the 1980’s and 90’s, editions of Nottebohm art prints were done on museum quality paper. The editions shown above were created as silkscreens, also known as serigraphs, passing each sheet of paper under as many as 30-40 screens to create the image and the depth of color. A website rendering of the image does not do justice to the fine art quality of silkscreen prints done on high quality paper. Each print is hand-signed by the artist including the print number and edition size.

As the original publisher of these editions, thirty or more years ago, it was typical, as new editions were printed, to hold back 15-20 pieces of the past edition for future offerings or shows. The prints being offered now are the initial release of those publisher holdbacks.

Current Gallery Price List:
Traces of the Elements - $675
Blue Light/Sunrise of An Evolution/Climax of An Evolution - $750
Silver Cloud/Timeless Space II/Timeless Space III/Thunderstorm - $875

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