In Site – Our Mission

About Us

It all started with this idea…

Build a web site about writers, musicians, and artists, 
and build a “FanBase” one site visitor at a time.

The site attempts to compile a comprehensive index of books and authors, musicians and bands, and a selection of visual art. The books cover popular genres, authors of note, suggestions for book clubs and more. The music runs from Rock to Folk, Americana to Blues, and covers artists both new and with storied careers over decades.

Each post is a gateway to follow your favorite artists, some you’ve heard of, some known but forgotten and others hopefully found to be new and exciting. Embedded video, instant links to web sites all to create a true Arts browser.

Come back often. Content is expanding regularly. Keep up with live streaming and the hopeful return to touring and playing live. Check your favorite author to see when the next book is coming. All in all we hope this is fandom made easy.

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